Image Sheet Metal Levelling

FE Simulation of
Sheet Metal Levelling

Image Pre & Post punching

FE Simulation of
Pre & Post Punching

Image Spiraled&Lock Seamed Tube Profile

Spiraled & Lock Seamed
Tube Profile

Image Ring Rolling

FE Simulation of
Ring Rolling

Image Shaped Tubes

FE Simulation of
Shaped Tubes

Image Strech Bending

FE Simulation of
Stretch Bending

Image Tube Drawing

FE Simulation of
Tube Drawing

Image Tube Drawing

FE Simulation of
Tube Drawing

Image Tube Making

Tube Making
with Cage Forming Systems

Image Tube Bending

FE Simulation of
Tube Bending

Welcome to data M in the UK!

data M (UK) Sheet Metal Solutions Ltd.

data M UK specialises in the field of roll design and simulation of sheet metal and coil processing. We are the UK's sole distributor of the leading software solutions COPRA® RF and COPRA® FEA RF for FEM simulation to the roll-forming industry.

Our software is designed and developed by our very own software and mechanical engineers; they have the skills to write both complex programs in modern languages, as well as experience in mechanics and metal forming. The two key ingredients for a leading software solution!

We have several thousand users now working with COPRA® RF software - worldwide.

In addition to software solutions, we offer a wide-ranging consulting and engineering services, such as roll design and simulation to the roll forming industry.

We offer:

  • COPRA® RF and COPRA® FEA RF Software
  • Roll Design Service with the latest COPRA® RF Software
  • Roll Analysis Service using state of the art COPRA® FEA RF Software
  • Forming simulation and optimisation of tool sets (also from 3rd party vendors software)
  • Bespoke software & roll design training sessions tailored to the clients needs and requirements
  • Hotline Support in both COPRA® RF and FEA RF software
  • Quality Control of roll tooling using COPRA® RollScanner
  • Quality Control of rolled profile with our COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop

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Our Headquarters:

Our Headquarters in Bavaria, Germany, data M Sheet Metal Solutions GmbH started developing software for the roll forming back in in 1987.

Since then data M SMS has long established the reputation as being a number one problem solver in the roll forming industry, resulting in companies from all over the world seeking our assistance. Consequently data M began to look for distribution and engineering avenues overseas with whom they can provide not only their software but also their resources and services locally.

For this purpose data M (UK) Sheet Metal Solutions Ltd. was established in 2010. Ever since we have been offering roll design, simulation and training services to the UK, North America and Europe.

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data M (UK) Sheet Metal Solutions Ltd.

Hilton Hall Business Centre
Hilton Lane
Essington, Wolverhampton
Staffordshire WV11 2BQ

Phone: +44 (0) 845 463 6391
Fax: +44 (0) 845 463 6392