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Sheet Metal Levelling

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Spiraled & Lock Seamed
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data M (UK) Sheet Metal Solutions Ltd.

Foto CS
Carl Stephenson
Managing Director

In January 2010 data M Sheet Metal Solutions opened the doors to its UK office near Wolverhampton, this now means data M is directly supporting companies within the UK roll-forming industry, in the development of their products, processes, tooling and choice of roll-forming software solutions right on their doorstep! Conveniently located in the UK's roll-forming heartlands, the UK office has quickly become the hub for UK based training and seminars.

Being the first organisation people call when they require a roll design, software or training solution, data M, with its global reputation of being the number one roll-forming solutions company, is now playing a key part in the UK roll-forming industry. We are helping companies develop “Right First Time - Turnkey roll tooling solutions, with the aid of our pioneering roll-forming design and analysis software COPRA® RF and FEA RF.

“"We are supporting UK and North American roll-forming businesses with our roll design services, software and knowledge, therefore helping them to control, maintain and reduce product development and tooling costs accordingly"”, states Carl Stephenson, Managing Director of the company.

"“We are continuing to use our wealth of knowledge gained both here in the UK and abroad to develop our software, tooling and training solutions for our client base, which in turn is certainly helping to sustain the remaining roll-forming industry within the UK. Clearly we hope this trend continues for the future, as right now we are now seeing the establishment of some sustainable growth and diversification among clients portfolios at present."

Why data M UK?

    Since our incorporation in 2010, data M (UK) has been extensively offering:

  • Roll Design & Analysis Service with the latest state of the art COPRA® RF and FEA RF Software

  • Bespoke training solutions in both COPRA® RF and FEA RF Software to the local, North American and European roll forming industries

  • Roll design and analysis consultation Services to automotive, construction, thermal panel, oil and gas industries to name but a few

  • Project hand-holding and direct knowledge transfer to the client, thus helping develop significant on-site know-how

  • Complete project management of design, analysis, roll manufacture and verification of roll tool Sets on behalf of clients

  • Roll design training for apprentice and more advanced engineers

  • UK based demonstrations of both COPRA® RF and FEA RF Software

  • UK based Hotline support for both COPRA® RF and FEA RF Software

Carl Stephenson's Bio

Prior to joining data M, Carl Stephenson has previously worked within two of the UK's largest roll forming companies, where he gained his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Manufacturing Engineering and management experience.

During this time he has been involved in the design and development of in excess of 2,000 tool sets and rolled products, of which the vast majority were designed using COPRA® RF technology.

He has also amassed many years of experience in the project management and delivery of roll designs, roll tooling and press tooling alike.

Since joining data M, he has continued to bolster his skill set with the use of COPRA® RF and FEA RF Software, leading to many turn-key projects and solutions being delivered to market.

In his own words, he is a "firm believer that the COPRA® Work-flow is the only and the best approach to rolled profile design and development, if you want to save time and money alike and achieve return on investment".

Contact Flag UK

data M (UK) Sheet Metal Solutions Ltd.

Hilton Hall Business Centre
Hilton Lane
Essington, Wolverhampton
Staffordshire WV11 2BQ

Phone: +44 (0) 845 463 6391
Fax: +44 (0) 845 463 6392