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Quality Control

COPRA® RollScanner

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Our COPRA® RollScanner is a fully automated measuring device for inspecting roll tooling both quickly and accurately. It satisfies the roll-forming industry's huge demand for a fully integrated roll tooling quality control system.

The COPRA® RollScanner generates an accurate fingerprint of a roll's true shape and geometry which can easily be compared to the originally designed roll contour. Removing the "tooling quality" element from the equation during the verification process, the COPRA® RollScanner goes a long way to reducing "fire-fighting" and undoubtedly long try-outs quite often attributed to tooling quality.

Additionally the COPRA® RollScanner can also be used in conjunction with our COPRA® RF software as part of our Roll Life-cycle Management module (RLM). The COPRA® RLM database enables roll designers to store complete tool sets to a database in order to easily find and re-use rolls for other projects.




Scanning of Profile Cross Sections

COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop

Image COPRA® ProfileScanner

COPRA® ProfileScanDesktop measures profile cross sections of short samples, (up to approx 300mm/12"), contact-less by means of a laser, sensor and a turntable, ensuring the whole visible cross section is captured easily.

The system measures with both the highest accuracy, as well as highest flexibility. Whereby measuring rings with a number of sensors around the profile section used to be required, COPRA® ProfileScan revolutionises this by having only a single laser sensor principle.

In a patented 360° measuring method, some simple reference markers are scanned along with the profile itself, whilst being rotated on a turntable, the fully integrated software, then combines all views to form one single profile contour.

Despite the simple handling, this method offers new application areas for profile scanning, for example the scanning of "inside" areas of profiles with slots, which would have previously been hidden and of course difficult to inspect. In such a case the sensor is able to look through the slots from different viewing angles – it is just a question of turning the profile into the correct position.

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