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Software for Roll Forming


COPRA® RF has long been established as the industries leading roll design software, the COPRA® work-flow and technology provides not only a powerful and by far the best solution for every roll-form designer, but is also very easy to use. Allowing the user to design in a professional way, for both simple as well as highly complex profiles, tubes, drawn tubes and trapezoidal sections, COPRA® RF makes light work of intricate roll design and development.


COPRA® RF encompasses the entire engineering process of roll forming - from product design itself through to strip width calculation, flower design, roll design, .DXF geometry, automatic assembly plans and BOM for tool production. Furthermore, a comprehensive database management system for profile and tool management has also now been fully integrated, to help with roll storage, location and recycling. All program modules giving instant access to a central COPRA® RF database.

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By analysing the theoretical strains on the material during the forming process, COPRA® RF DTM enables the designer to determine the theoretical strain limits within the forming process even before the rolls are physically manufactured, thus significantly reducing the possibility of design error and lengthy verification.

The COPRA® RF software package has got a modular structure. This means software and hardware can be tailored to your individual requirements and specification. You may start with individual (program) modules, such as "Flower" design only and develop YOUR customised solution step by step, by adding say the "Roll" design module later - according to the growing needs of your organisation and customers alike.



Roll Design Simulation - The Virtual Roll-forming Machine


Once a set of rolls are part or fully designed in COPRA® RF, the complete set of rolls as well as auxiliary devices are easily transferred into the FEM simulation program: COPRA® FEA RF (finite element analysis for roll forming), using our very own "COPRA® 2 FEA" translator. This data is then used to simulate the roll forming operation by non-linear elasto-plastic calculation.

Image FEA Profile

As the software is a tailored solution to the roll design process, the design/user does not have to consider the definition of the FE calculation model, discretization selection of suitable element types or definition of boundary conditions, as this is done in the background, thus reducing work-flow significantly.

These important steps are undertaken automatically by the fully integrated software program in the COPRA® process chain.


In order to meet the often high demands required by subsequent manufacturing processes, such as bending, winding or hydro-forming, the properties of residual stresses and the remaining formability of formed component are taken into consideration.

COPRA® FEA RF and the tools we have built into our customised "Roll-Forming" Graphical User Interface (GUI), assists the design engineer in the evaluation and necessary modification of his designs, to help deliver a turn-key right first time roll-design.

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