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Software for Roll Forming


Our COPRA® RF software solution provides a powerful software package for every roll form designer. Enabling design in a professional manner for simple, as well as highly complex profiles, tubes, (including Cage Forming), drawn tubes, trapezoidal sections and wire.

COPRA RF program window

COPRA® RF encompasses the entire engineering process of roll forming – from calculation and flower design to roll tool design, part lists, Bill of Material and tool production. Furthermore, a comprehensive database management system for profile and tool management has been integrated. All program modules give access to a central COPRA® RF database.

By theroretical analysis of the strains on the material during the forming process, COPRA® RF DTM thus enables the designer to determine the optimum forming process, even before the rolls are designed and physically manufactured.

The COPRA® RF software package has a modular structure. This means software and hardware can be customised to your requirements. You may start with individual (program) modules and develop YOUR customised solution step by step – according to the growing needs of your customers and your budget.

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Software for Roll Form Simulation


As soon as some, or all of the rolls are designed in COPRA® RF, they can be transffered along with auxiliary devices into the FEM simulation program: COPRA® FEA RF (finite element analysis for roll forming), using our unique interface to provide neccessary information, such as material properties, machine data and meshing information, COPRA® FEA RF is then used to simulate the roll forming operation by nonlinear elastoplastic calculation.


As our software is taking care of the complexities of the FEA model, the user can confidently no longer worry about issues such as the definition of the FE calculation model, discretization selection of suitable element types or definition of boundary conditions to COPRA®. These are automatically taken into account by the fully integrated software program in the COPRA® process chain.

In order to meet the common day demands demands required by pre or subsequent manufacturing processes such as embossing, bending/sweeping or even hydroforming, the properties of residual stresses and the remaining formability of the profile or welded tube are also taken into consideration.

COPRA® FEA RF assists the design engineer in the evaluation and necessary modifications of the design, by way of Automatic FEA Report generation, which can then be used to guide optimisation accordingly.

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Quality Control

COPRA® RollScanner

The COPRA® RollScanner is a fully automatic measuring device for inspection of existing rolls quickly and accurately. It meets the requirements of the modern rollforming industry’s big demand for a high-quality control system.

The COPRA® RollScanner generates an accurate set of data regarding a roll’s true shape. Scanned rolls can be compared immediately to the originally designed contour. This means no more “fire-fighting” due to unexpected and unnecessary long try-outs that can be associated with roll tooling quality, the device can also be use for re-enginnering of legacy tools sets, abeit for simulaiton purposes or re-grinding.

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COPRA® ProfileScan

Our innovative COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop is the ideal device for the quality management of roll formed or even part formed profiles. By contactless and non-destructive measurement using the laser light principle, it is particularly cost-effective and able to measure the whole visible cross section, providing dimensioning and deviation diagrams.

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