COPRA FEA RF 2021.1 Available NOW!

COPRA® FEA RF 2021.1 - New and Improved Simulation Tools and User Environment

COPRA FEA RF To ensure that our COPRA FEA RF community gets the most from the simulation software, we started the “COPRA FEA RF User’s Guide” a couple of years ago.

These step-by-step illustrated instructions, were met with such a positive response, that we have continuously expanded this educational resource. The release 2021.1 comes with a brand new “COPRA FEA RF InfoCenter”.

Users can now also access a multitude of Video tutorials that explain and demonstrate our new software functionalities - laying down the foundation for enhancing the users’ simulation skills.

What’s new in 2021.1:

  • COPRA FEA RF InfoCenter
  • New Material Database
  • User-defined Report Page Layout
  • Analysis of Metal Flow in the Wire Rolling Process

Improved Features in 2021.1::

  • Automatic Import of already existing Meshes
  • Prediction of Wear Areas in the Profile

Our release notes offer a brief description of improvements and new features of the COPRA FEA RF 2021.2 release.

If you have any further questions, please contacts us at any time.